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One Strain, One Bag, One Tag

One Bag, One Tag Movement

The One Strain, One Bag, One Tag movement has been created to help educate legislature about the eco-friendly benefits of growing “Sea of Green”. This method uses a vertical gardening system that focus on cultivating a large quantity of smaller plants. Sea of Green reduces the total amount of energy, water and time it takes for growers to create high-quality biomass. The main goal of Sea of Green is to increase efficiency, while prioritizing being environmentally responsible.

Currently, the Oregon law requires growers to tag each individual plant, which can easily add up to thousands of expensive, plastic tags. This is a tremendous waste of money, plastic and time that could be dedicated to allowing growers do what they do best: producing high quality cannabis. Typically, in Sea of Green, each grow pot or tray contains one strain. If each plant within the tray is exactly the same, there should only be a need for one tag. So, that’s why we are pushing for One Strain, One Bag, One Tag.

Ultimately, we are aiming to create a responsible and reasonable compromise for tagging plants. We hope that you join our mission to pave the road for a more sustainable future in the cultivation of Sea of Green cannabis.

Thank you!

Here is our Petition:


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End date: Nov 24, 2018

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Signature goal: 1000

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